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Please Support Us

Your help enables us to offer life-giving support to those facing unplanned pregnancy

Rooted in Catholic Tradition

We are a Catholic apostolate with the blessing of Archbishop Schnurr to serve in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.

Dedicated for Expectant Mothers

We offer transitional housing exclusively for women experiencing pregnancy with no means of support. 

No Restrictions

We welcome expectant mothers regardless of their religious beliefs, socio-economic status, or ethnicity.

After Birth Care

Mothers can live at our home for up to 8-months after their baby is born and learn how to lovingly care for their infant.

What Sets Us Apart

“Mater Filius turned my life around. Not only did I start  caring for myself and my baby, but my grades improved and I am excited for the future. I want to thank everyone for the tremendous help and support along the way.”



Help for the whole person

Without mental and emotional stability, holding down a job, and supporting a family just isn’t possible. Research shows more than half of homeless mothers experience emotional or mental health challenges, such as depression and anxiety. The needs of people struggling with poverty, homelessness, and addiction are complex, but Mater Filius Queen City is passionate about helping mothers improve their lives mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Our programs offer a variety of resources to meet their needs and to provide real help and hope.
Upon entering Mater Filius, each expectant mother will be assigned a doula. A doula is a confidante and mentor. She will accompany the mother during her stay and ensure her well-being. Doulas help our mothers grow and develop a strong sense of confidence and self awareness to discover the greatness that lies inside their hearts.

Emotional Support

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