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Mother and Daughter

Changing Lives

Supporting mothers in Greater Cincinnati with the basic needs of life


I am pregnant and in need of a place to stay.  How do I get help through Mater Filius?

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Our Services

We provide more than shelter and food. We provide the ability to rise above devastating, negative elements and achieve job-readiness and self-sustainability.

Mater Filius taught me how to be a mother and an independent woman. I also learned how to love myself and see myself as a child of God. I do not know what my life would be like without Mater Filius.



Rooted in Catholic Tradition

We are a Catholic apostolate with the blessing of Archbishop Schnurr to serve in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.

Dedicated for Expectant Mothers

We offer transitional housing exclusively for women experiencing pregnancy with no means of support. 

No Restrictions

We welcome expectant mothers regardless of their religious beliefs, socio-economic status, or ethnicity.

After Birth Care

Mothers can live at our home for up to 8-months after their baby is born and learn how to lovingly care for their infant.

What Sets Us Apart


Commit to a year of service living in our home as we work to cultivate a house of hospitality for pregnant and parenting women formerly experiencing homelessness. While serving a year on mission, you’ll have the opportunity to grow in the Catholic faith, while working alongside a tight knit community striving to create a safe haven for mom’s in the greater Cincinnati area.   We seek to put our Pro-Life values into action by creating a communal environment for mom’s and their babies to rest, heal, and grow. Through friendship, empowerment, and encouragement, we work to walk with women to build strong families, and healthy communities. There are 3 mission staff roles that open annually with one year term from July - July.
Thank you for prayerfully considering to join our team of missionaries. 

Get Help Now

I am pregnant and in need of a place to stay.  How do I get help through Mater Filius?

Defending Life with Love

Our Mission

Our mission is to defend and safeguard the life and well-being of the unborn child and the dignity of the child's mother. Defending Life with Love!

Non-Profit Organization

Mater Filius is supported solely through private donations and receives NO federal or state funding. We are supported by grants, churches, businesses, and you! 

Volunteer Opportunities

We are looking for volunteers to work in our home with our mothers and their babies as well as outside of our home to care for the yard, home maintenance, and much more.

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